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Mi55sh3ll is an artist investigating how she connected to and explored her queerness throughout her adolescence, such as the ways in which she looked for escapism and community. This came about through an obsessive interest in science fiction, robots, aliens, UFOs and internet communities.

She is particularly influenced by Legacy Russell’s Glitch Feminism Manifesto especially surrounding concerns with queer liberation informed by new technologies, digital systems and the internet. She is inspired by how these could be used as generative tools in creating work that is concerned with queer futures. She is motivated by the idea that the cyberspace is another space for us to exist in, and Nathan Jurgenson’s opinion that we no longer have an online/digital self versus an IRL (in real life) self, but rather that we transgress the distinction between physical/digital fluidly – and that what we refer to as IRL should be changed to AFK (away from keyboard) to reflect this dissolving of the physical/online boundary. Her work is fuelled by what the potential implications of this idea would be in the future of queer identities at the intersection of science, technology and art. Her practice consists of experimenting with 3D imaging processes, digital manipulation, and archival material to digitally collage together narratives.

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